Can You Create a $1,000,000 Income By Using A Tiny House?

The Real Estate Possibilities of Tiny Homes

The video we’re sharing today was taken in Portland, Oregon.  This is a city that has “gone kind of crazy for accessory dwellings.”

One homeowner (by the name of “Susan”) decided to rent out a “PDX eco cottage” as a bed and breakfast.

Her first step was taking her one-car garage and having an extension to it built so it could serve as a Tiny House.

She stained the floors herself, and did all of the finish carpentry.

The final product includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, AND living room…as well as some nice touches to keep privacy between the main and accessory home (which are not connected).

Disclaimer – the “Million Dollars” referred to by the video creator includes saving up with compound interest.

Interested in her little money-making project?  Check out the video below!


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