The Extreme Satisfaction of the Simple Life

The Simple Life is Cheap

“In answer to those who have recently asked…. Not including the water well, septic and land, the actual house ready to move in was $17,000. That included all wiring, plumbing, cabinets, flooring and all.”

That’s right, $17,000 to pay for a house that they love to live in.  The channel “deepbeeps” on YouTube showed off a magnificently inexpensive and satisfying way to live.

As of the making of this video, they’d already been living in it for 5 months, giving them plenty of time to get used to their new cottage, and see how they liked it.  According to them, they are LOVING their 540 square foot home.  “540 square feet, it’s so easy to care for.”  It’s also easy to heat.

Other interesting tidbits –

They live with three pugs.  Just look at these cute dogs!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.55.30 PM

Find out why they covered their whole property outside with hay!  And…they managed to get all of that hay for free?  That’s what they’re saying, so check out the video to see it!

They also include how they got their hands on incredibly cheap lumber!

They have a meadow.  You don’t get that living in the city.

Neat space-saving trick – their bedside tables double as dog crates!

See it all below!



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