Fully LEGAL 252 Sq. Foot Tiny House in Massachusetts (Cabin-Small Home)

Navigating The Massachusetts Housing Code

We’ve been talking quite a bit about housing regulations this week, including a beautiful tiny house that just wasn’t legal to live in.

Today, we’ll spotlight someone who went through the trouble of making sure his home would be legal to live in.  He had to customize the blueprints himself, and make the necessary work-arounds to fit in line with housing regulations.  In the end, he believes that he successfully made a building that won’t get him into trouble – and it’s quite the nice setup in the middle of the woods.

In the video below, the owner discusses some of the legal hurdles he went through to make the home legal, as well as his experience so far with his tiny home.

See this and other details, such as how he fit extra cabinet space in the tiny home, the washing machine that fits in his tiny home (it’s cute), the projector that allows him to watch Netflix on his wall, and tips about what he’s learned and what he would do differently if he were to design his small home over again.

Watch below!


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