21 Tips – Quit Your Job, Go Off Grid and Live The Dream

What will it take to go off grid?

Are you thinking that you want to go off grid but not sure how or what it will take to do it? Not everyone is up to the challenge. Do you have the perseverance needed to live independently?

Have you considered the pros and cons of being off grid? How long are you going to wait before you make a move? Off gridders definitely believe the benefits outweigh the costs, but it is a great idea to be prepared.

What kind of off grid home will you need?  Just two of you on your own in a small totally futuristic looking capsule?  Or a family looking for a rustic cabin? The options today are only limited by your imagination.5the-off-grid-portable-pod

If you have already moved off grid, what suggestions would you add to the article below from Natural Living Ideas?  They share 21 tips to the things you need to prepare for if you want to go off grid.  These are definitely things that you should consider if you think you are up to the challenge.

Not sure where to start? Here are some very good reasons and tips that may help you to take the plunge into the unknown.

1. You can be your own boss

You are your own boss when you can live life on your terms, spend plenty of time with family and friends, and take off for extended vacations when you feel the urge. It is a dream for many, and remains so all their working life.

You can change all that when you chalk out a truly independent life. It is not all that difficult today, as many who have shifted to off-grid lifestyle have proven.

2. You can have a debt-free life

Imagine building a small house on your own in a piece of land you own. You can add to it whenever you feel the need, but without incurring any debts. You will be free of the stress of making enough money to pay off debts. Any money you make can go towards funding travel or other activities that you enjoy. You can even save up a bit for exigencies.

You can turn this dream into reality.

3. No need to work all day to pay the bills

If you didn’t have to pay for utilities, you could get out of the job that you don’t enjoy, and spend your time doing something that you do enjoy. Off-grid living avails this opportunity.

You are relieved from power bills since you generate your own with solar  panels and use alternative fuels or wind power to make up any deficit.

4. Work hard, but work for yourself

Most off-gridders are industrious people with a definite mission. They work hard; but they do it for themselves, and at their own pace. You may not have targets and deadlines dictated by someone else, but you will make your own. Having a definite goal helps you focus on the important things.

5. Sharpen your skills to increase earning potential

6. Cut down unnecessary expenses

Reducing your current living expenses to the bare minimum can give you a very good idea about what you can live without. Get rid of club memberships and credit cards you rarely use. Opt out of going to gym and playing golf; get your quota of exercise from outdoor activities that cost you next to nothing. Hiking, biking or playing basketball or other such games with your kids or friends can be just as enjoyable.4norway

7. Get rid of unnecessary items

To some people, this is the hardest part. Too many possessions can stand in your way when you want to downsize, not to mention shifting to off-grid. You don’t need fine china and expensive furniture to entertain guests in your new setup.  Assess just what you need, the essentials.

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