RIVER OF HAIL AND SAND – Never Before Seen Event In Iraq!

Jaw-Dropping Rare Natural Event of Apocalyptic Scale

Iraq has experienced A LOT of trouble and turbulence of late, and not all of it is man-made.  The country has been besieged by an unprecedented weather pattern, being hit by storm after storm.  If you can’t imagine hailstorms in the desert, you need to rethink your imagination.

But that isn’t all – these weather patterns that seem straight out of Revelations and prophecies of the end times have had side effects.  While the government is struggling to keep up with the damage, a truly wondrous sight emerged.

A river of sand.  Well, that’s what appears to be anyways.  The impossible is made possible by the shear amount of ice and hail that Iraq has received recently.  The river is in fact mostly ice, but the ice has picked up enough sand to take on the color and create something people never thought they’d be able to see in real life.

The video is an absolute must-see!  Keep watching until 0:58 to see a close-up of what the river’s made of!

These Iraqi men watch in disbelief as an ice flood streams through the desert carrying hailstones the size of golf balls

It’s known for its hot, dry summers and short, cool winters but not this year as Iraq was hit by a torrential rain and ice storm which led to meltdown in the war-torn country.

This incredible footage shows the extent of an unprecedented weather pattern that’s caused chaos in the Middle East.

Emergency services may have experience of sand storms but they were left unprepared for the sudden onset of the icy downpour which left hospitals and governmental institutions swamped and buckling under the strain of demands.

Iraqi residents reported hailstones the size of golf balls which rained down causing icy streams to feed into the swollen Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Source: Off Grid Quest

For a more video-oriented explanation of what happened, we recommend the RawKnee show.  He doesn’t have that many subscribers and could use a better mic, but we find his channel charming and heartfelt.  Watch below!


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