Completely Off-Grid Washing Machine

Not even solar powered.  Foot powered washing machine.

This looks to me like a great camping option when you are off-grid for a few days and not wanting to go to a laundromat.  Not really something I would want for a long-term solutions.

However, if you have kids with too much energy this could be a pretty good win-win solution.

Basic concept looks pretty good.  What do you think?

washerfeaturesThis new washing machine from Yirego is powered by a foot pedal and doesn’t need any electricity. It will be made out of 40% recycled material, making this no-electric cloths washer a sustainable solution with very little impact on the environment.


According to the website:

This design challenges the public laundry experience as well as solves the hand wash-only complication of delicate garments. It is not only more hygienic than public laundromats, but also a fraction of the time.

Watch the video.  It can hold more clothes than I expected.