Earthships: The Ultimate Off-Grid Housebuilding

Off-Grid Houses Of The Future?

As we can all see, humanity went through a phase of evolution where we got into centralization.  However, Michael Reynolds expresses his belief that this system of doing things (especially when it comes to power/electricity) has become “archaic,” and for 40 years has been building homes that demonstrate what we might do instead.

He makes the analogy that a house hooked up to the city’s infrastructure for all its needs is like a person in a hospital hooked up to life support.  He has built a great many homes across the world that he believes provide us with a better way of living – and a better quality of life.

“An earthship is just like any other home, but it utilizes sustainable construction techniques so that it doesn’t need to be connected to the grid.”  It:

  • Captures and recycles all its own water
  • Produces its own food
  • Generates its own electricity
  • Provides its own heating and cooling (not using the electricity)

How is this possible?  Watch the video below to find out!


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