Energy Attacks Imminent

Government sources are warning of pending ISIS attacks on energy sources

They are finally sharing some of the hush-hush vulnerabilities here in our country.

Do you have your own power source?  Are you prepared should the grid be attacked?

Turns out being off grid has more than one benefit.  Having your own power source may make you the best prepared.  Here is the latest from the FBI and US law enforcement agencies.

ISIS has been attacking and attempting to hack into the American power

A successful attack on the American power grid would disrupt the flow of electricity to American hospitals, businesses, and police stations, and the attacks have US security agencies worried.

So far the attacks by the Islamic State have been unsuccessful and fairly amateurish. But ISIS is demonstrating “strong intent”, according to John Riggi, a section chief at the FBI’s cyber division, who went on to explain how these ISIS attacks may become stronger and stronger.According to a CNN report, “hacking software is up for sale in black markets online.

Be careful out there!  And Be Prepared.



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