Escaping the Rent Trap – Simple Living In A Lotus Belle Tent

Need A Simpler, Easier Solution…and Fast?  Comfortable Living is Still Within Reach!

Have you ever thought about getting a tiny home, but struggled to plan the construction, deal with the cost, get someone to build it…etc.?

Well, there’s an even quicker and easier way to escape the rent trap, so long as you don’t need to keep too many of your things with you.  (And besides, storage space rents for a heck of a lot cheaper than living space.)

Today’s solution is – a Lotus Belle Tent!  Quick and easy to set up, it’s just about the fastest path to living on your own that we’ve ever seen.

The video includes tips on how to get super-cheap furniture and furnishings for your new abode, as well as show off a Tiki-style bathroom hut.  Check out the video below!


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