Fun DIY Project – “Green Roof”

There Are Benefits To Putting The Extra Weight On Your Roof

Do you know what a Green Roof is?  Whether for the sake of aesthetics, lower energy costs, or the environment, a great many people have decided to install a lawn or garden on top of their home or shed.

This video contains lots of nice advice and necessary instructions for building a green roof, including the necessary safety reminders and precautions.  One piece of advice I particularly found interesting (and a bit funny) was that since it’s best to avoid stepping on your newly installed greenery – as much as possible, anyways – you want to work backwards. In other words, don’t “paint yourself into a corner.”  🙂

In any case, the instructions are quick, detailed and well-organized, all the while showing two or three workers demonstrating the necessary actions.  The nice music and the soothing voice certainly don’t hurt, either.

It’s a fun watch, even if you aren’t interested in building a green roof.  Watch the video below!




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