Government Attempt to Criminalize Self-sufficiency

Outlaw Vegetable Gardens?

Being off grid usually includes not just separation from utilities but the desire to be self-sufficient, grow our own food, etc. Unfortunately there is a developing trend for governments to want to control… regulate… criminalize any activity, not just large corporations.  Under the expansion of the Nanny state or guise of protection from ourselves, they are whittling away at individual rights.

In the case of home gardens, so far the trend is good in that those who have gone to court, have won their cases.  But, I have that awful foreboding feeling when you have to go to court to protect your rights to have a home garden, that this is not the last of it.

fencedgarden1In fact in 2013, because a producing garden was not “pretty enough” for the sub-divisions aesthetics.  The owners had to uproot their entire garden and go through appeals and as of this writing… is still pending.

Can you believe it? It looks like we will all need to be more aware and politically active in order to protect and defend our right to be self-sufficient.