Government gives free solar panels

Government guaranteed sales of solar.

Solar panels are being used in order to facilitate electric accessibility to homes outside the normal urban areas that are at poverty level and have no functional connection to the gird.

By the end of 2016 they want 95% of the country to have power in their homes.  Currently only have 66% of the population has access to power.

So you have probably guessed this is not the United States government, however, this could have a huge impact for all of us.  As more and more governments look at solar to help ease their utility growth needs, solar panels and products will continue to be improved, be more plentiful, and less expensive.

Can you imagine the impact on these off grid homes where they currently have no electric?
And even though the US has access to electricity, it is still costly and over 10% of US homes still heat with heating oil or propane.

Wouldn’t it be great to get everyone access to solar simply by it being less costly?

For those truly already living off off-grid …

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