Government Shutdown Coming Soon Near You!

Get Ready – Here it comes Again!

Just one of the many benefits of living off-grid – as a general rule, we don’t live day-by-day.  We plan and have the ability to continue for days and weeks without government support.  So warning, you may want to turn off your TV for the next month while the roller coaster of budgets and bills try to get through Congress.

It is that time again when the government seems to think the only way to flex their muscles and demonstrate that they are actually doing anything is to stop all government from working at all.  It’s time for band-aids and short-term fixes and total incapability to create a real budget that they will live by.

Be prepared for federal facilities to close down around the first of next month at least for a few days.  They’ll talk a lot and complain a lot and then nothing will really change.  What do you think?

from Wikipedia
from Wikipedia

The government needs to be funded by Sept. 30, but Congress is way behind in passing the series of spending bills necessary to pass a full budget.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are using the budget process to push their ideological agendas on everything from abortion to military spending to international nuclear deals. And there’s a presidential campaign going on, complicating the decisions and actions of the five senators running for the White House.

Here are four congressional budget analysts’ predictions on how likely it is that the government will shut down. We’ll start with the most conservative estimate — which is still “well over 50 percent.”

…Congress is probably not going to pass the 12 separate spending bills needed to set a new budget for federal agencies (the House has passed just six, and the Senate has passed zero.)  So Congress’s next and likeliest option is to renew last year’s budget, known as a continuing resolution, and essentially kick the can down the road.

Since an anti-abortion advocacy group leaked videos of officials from the women’s health provider talking in cavalier tones about fetal tissue, Republicans on the presidential campaign trail and in Congress are calling for the federal government to stop giving more than $500 million annually to Planned Parenthood.

As Congress left for its five-week recess, prominent budget analyst Stan Collender estimated the possibility of a shutdown at 60 percent. Now, he thinks it’s even more likely.

Most everyone in Washington agrees that the automatic spending cuts (a.k.a. the sequester) that were implemented after a 2012 budget debate need to be replaced with actual spending policy.

On Congress’s first day back Tuesday, the potential for a shutdown jumped to 67 percent, Collender wrote. That’s because another highly emotional and dramatic debate was bubbling to the surface: the Iran nuclear deal. On Tuesday, President Obama secured enough votes to potentially stop Republicans in the Senate from even voting to derail the deal. But, similar to Planned Parenthood and Obamacare in 2013, opponents of the deal could use the budget debate to try to stop the Iran deal from being funded.

To recap, we have the Planned Parenthood debate, the Export-Import Bank, debates over military vs. domestic spending, the Iran nuclear deal and the debt limit all threatening to play a part in at least a temporary government shutdown. Oh yeah, and Congress still has to okay a fund by Oct. 29 to help pay for highways and bridges (known as the Highway Trust Fund).

Put that all together, and it’s 70 percent likely the government will shut down for at least a day or two, Jim Manley, a former high-ranking Senate Democratic aide to then-Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), told The Fix. There’s simply too much to get done and too many pressure points.

“Nothing in this day and age gets done without the threat of cliffs,” Manley pointed out.

True, and sometimes that threat is enough to forge an 11th-hour compromise, as it did in 2011 when Manley was one of many predicting a shutdown. – Amber Phillips