Housing Regulations Cause Ridiculous Bike Bridge

Biking 213 Feet Above The Ground

Our post yesterday dove into a little bit of discussion about government housing regulations.  Well, today’s post highlights an interesting and crazy side effect of some housing regulations.

A bike lane, of all things.  This is probably the neatest, scariest, and most amazing bike lane we’ve ever seen.

You may ask how do housing regulations cause a bike bridge hundreds of feet in the air?  Read the article below to find out!

bike bridge 2

Much of Copenhagen’s bike- and pedestrian-centric infrastructure seems wild to us folks on the outside, but the new Copenhagen Gate is wild no matter where you see it from. It’s a pedestrian bridge spanning the entrance to a berth in the city’s harbor, running between two skyscrapers and suspended 213 feet above the waters below.

The design might be crazy and totally impractical (there are elevators in each building to haul pedestrians and cyclists up to and down from the covered span), but like municipal architecture around the world, it is the result of bureaucracy and regulations. According to Mikael Colville-Andersen of the Copenhagenize blog, no home in Copenhagen is allowed to be more than 500 meters away from public transport. Currently getting from one side of the mouth to the other requires a 2.2 kilometer detour, which puts the newly constructed homes in this area out of that range.

That explains the need for a bike bridge, but why is it so high? This is also down to the location over a working port: Ships need to get in and out of the berth.

Source: FastCoexist.com


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