How Living Off-Grid Beats City Life

Research continues to show that being off-grid is healthy for body and mind.

We all know how refreshing it is to get-away from it all and get back in touch with Nature.

Now scientists are proving that a walk in the woods (for at least 50 minutes) can not only improve your sense of well-being, but also improve memory and reduce stress and anxiety.

In the research discussed below, scientists perform an experiment that confirms what we all feel… that we need to get off-grid if even for just an hour a day!

Walk in Nature

Deborah Netburn reporter for the LA Times wrote in an article dated July 2nd:

A new study suggests that even a 90- minute stroll in a natural environment can lead to measurable changes in the brain, and may help combat depression.

…For the new study, published this week in PNAS, the research team wanted to see if they could understand what the mechanisms for these positive effects might be.

To help them figure it out, they decided to focus specifically on what psychologists call “rumination,” which has been shown to predict depressive episodes.

Examples of rumination include spending a lot of time thinking back over embarrassing or disappointing moments, or rehashing recent things you’ve said or done.

To see how a walk in nature affects ruminative thought, the researchers randomly assigned 38 volunteers with no history of mental illness to take a 90-minute walk in an urban green space near Palo Alto or a loud, busy street with three to four lanes of traffic in each direction.

Just before embarking on their walks, all participants were brought into the lab, where they completed a 12-question rumination questionnaire.

They also had their brains scanned with a neural imaging technique that allowed the researchers to measure how much blood was flowing through the subgenual prefontal cortex.

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