Jay Austin’s Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House

Not Illegal To Build or Sleep In, Just Illegal to Call “Home.”

The most expensive single thing in most people’s lives is their home.  The larger it is, the larger a burden it often becomes, both at the time of purchase and for the rest of the purchaser’s life.

This is one of the chief influences and motivations behind the “Tiny House Movement,” which has actually grown quite a bit of popularity among certain crowds.

However, despite the growth in popularity, and the new possibilities of modern architecture, the tiny home movement still faces some adversity, such as outdated and over-restrictive zoning and homestead laws.

This has resulted in a very unique situation where a citizen such as Jay Austin in Washington D.C. can build a tiny home and even sleep and stay in it quite often…but just not call it his “home.”

The situation is explained in more detail in the video below, which is also a very educational video about zoning laws, their effects, and the cities where those laws don’t apply.

It also shows off a beautiful tiny home, and the struggle of many citizens for more freedom.  It is a highly recommended watch. See it below!


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