India’s Crazy Plan To Multiply The Size Of Their Solar Industry

Can They QUADROUPLE Their Annual Solar Power Capacity Next Fiscal Year?

So, solar power has taken many years to get to where it is, but India’s Minister of Coal, Power and Renewable Energy believes that they can take everything their country has achieved up to this point, and do it again, three times over, in the next year.

This marks an unbelievable increase in spending and investment, but he is hopeful about the plan’s success.  To do so, India will have to become the first State to implement certain new policies, especially tax policies and waivers.

Clearly, there are those in India’s government that no longer believe in making a slow, gradual transition.  They want revolution, and they want it NOW!  Read the details after the break!


India may increase its solar energy capacity four-fold during the next fiscal year ending March 2017, Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Coal, Power and Renewable Energy says.

“Today our solar capacity is about 4,500 MW and the capacity addition target for this year is about 2,000 MW. During 2016-17, we are hoping to add 12,000 MW in solar sector alone. Thus, including other renewable sources, there will be a total capacity addition of about 15,000 MW during next fiscal,” he said.

The government is focusing on speed, skill and scale rather than subsidies to drive reforms and progress in the energy sector. The minister said water heaters that ran on solar energy had subsidy components some years ago.

“Our government inherited a huge subsidy bill,” he said adding, “If you keep depending on the clutches of the government, you would never able to achieve scale and path breaking innovation. Our government will handhold and support you in the initial period for a while, but ultimately the project has to be techno-economically viable,” he added.

Maharashtra may waive all taxes for EVs

Maharashtra is likely to be the first State to waive value added tax (VAT), registration charges and road tax on electric vehicles (EVs), according to Mr.Goyal.

“I suggested it to the Maharashtra Chief Minister some time ago to waive all taxes on EVs as a mark of our support to clean environment. He was very responsive to the idea. So, I am confident that the state will exempt EVs from VAT, registration and tax charges,” he said.

On the challenges relating to charging infrastructure for EVs, he stated: “I would ideally like to see every petrol bunk in the country to have a charging station. Normally, such vehicles can be charged at home. But, if one is doing long distance travel, he/she should be in a position to do that at a charging station. We are working on building that infrastructure.


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