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European Mobile Home Living at its Best

We have a certain look and feel to American RV’s or mobile homes but this  Austrian made “WohnWagon” (German for ‘living car’) has a lot to offer.

WohnwagonThis is a very eco-friendly design including  solar power and recycled materials and can easily be moved from place to place.  And the nice warm feel of wood in place of aluminum!

Once you’ve “parked” you home, you can easily create the feel of an outdoor living room with its very cool retractable patio and awning.

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The solar-powered WOHNWAGON can be towed to just about anywhere in the world and fits within the footprint of a parking spot.

The green roof helps insulate the home during the winter and cool it during the summer months. Solar rooftop panels generate renewable energy that can be stored in batteries located in the caravan’s false bottom.

Wohnwagon bed-tableA large bed with storage and a pullout bed underneath is located on one of the end of the home. The bathroom is equipped with a composting toilet. Rainwater and gray water are collected, recycled, and treated for drinking water, household uses, or as irrigation water for the green roof. A solar water heater provides heat to the home year round.


wohwagon showerThe WOHNWAGON was developed for mass production, however each mobile home can be individually customized. More details can be found on their website.

Article Source:  Lucy Wang,

Images via WOHNWAGON