Looking to Connect to Off Grid Social Network

Need to Go On-Grid to find Off-Grid.  Yep!

Are we going off grid to avoid all the social network or just the utility and city networks.  If we still want to connect with others in humanity then…

There is a site now that offers a Google map called LandBuddy.  The plan is to help people who are interested in going off-the-grid to connect with people who are already there.LandBuddy

For those who are looking to go off-grid this is a great opportunity to learn from those who are there and doing it.  Especially in the solar community.

With gas and food prices set to spike in the next few years, many professionals are starting to eye the exit door. Now a growing online community of off-gridders is here to help them.
Aussie author Nick Rosen became fascinated by America’s “off-gridders” and came to the U.S. to document the phenomenon and the characters that make up this mottly movement.

Renewable technology is at the very core of the off-grid movement, in particular solar PV power.

Here’s one young woman who made the leap: