Man On Disability Lives On $600 A Month In His Custom Tiny Home on Wheels

How Much Could YOU Live On?

One of the most well-lauded aspects of a tiny home is its cheap cost, often freeing up money for other things.

Today we have an example of a man using it to forge his own livable lifestyle on the mere $600/month on disability with muscular dystrophy.  This is what he could afford – but at the end of the day, he can proudly proclaim, “This is my crib!”

He still has improvements he wants to make to the home – it took him three months to get this far, doing the work himself.  He says it’s only taken about $450 for the materials to do the work and conversions he’s put into the trailer/slide-on camper.

His biggest piece of advice is “Take your time and have a plan.”  Watch below!


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