Modern 227 Square Foot Home Has It All

Very Unique House Collectively Built By Design Students

Today, we have a house that definitely fits its description as “modern, unique and unusual.”  It is an rare blend of both rustic and modern elements in a tiny home – a tiny home with an elephant motif, no less.

It has more than a few uncommon design choices, but it all fits together rather well (possibly because it was “collectively built by the Yestermorrow design students”).  For one example, they built a light fixture out of pipe fittings that looks like a “futuristic spider.”  Being on wheels helps it be deemed “not permanent” and “circumvent the code/rules” in many places.

And there’s plenty more interesting innovations and choices to see in this house.  I love seeing the ways that tiny houses find and create space.  It has a combination oven/stove/cutting board/additional food preparation area, all in one!  It has a kitchen storage/drainage area all in one.  Last but not least, I REALLY like the bathroom design.  The whole room is the shower stall.

Watch below to see all that and more!




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