Off-Grid DIY Swimming Pool!

Have a bunch of pallets laying around your property?

Off-grid life gets another level better by turning those pallets into your family swimming pool.

swimpool4Whether you have your own pallets or get them from your neighbors or local store, this is an inexpensive way to build a pool for your family.  The inspiration comes from a post on Facebook and Torben Jung from Germany.

So if you understand German, you can go directly to his Facebook page below to see his original post.



Waterproof tarp as a base for the pool lining.swimpool1

Here are just some of the information about his project from

A few days ago, a man from Germany, Torben Jung, shared on Facebook his summer project.

This pool project is so great, because you won’t be investing a lot of money in the making of the pool as you can use materials you already have at home.

Even if you don’t hswimpool2ave a few pallets at home you can always ask a crafty friend to give you some. To make this cool pool you will need 10 pallets and your entire investment will be less than $80.









He added a wooden ledge around the whole perimeter.

If you can translate German, here is a link to his facebook post.

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