Off-Grid Floating Greenhouse Fortress

To Go Off-Grid – Build Your Own Island?

A Canadian couple seems to have done just that.  They have a floating home that includes greenhouses and solar power.  This project has taken over 20 years to create and they are not done yet.

Freedom Cove in Clayoquot Sound is just a half-hour boat ride from Tofino, British Columbia. Wayne Adams and Catherine King are artists who live off-grid and next to nature with their two sons .  To help promote their lifestyle they welcome tour boats and divers to come and visit.

floating-fortressTheir home consists of 12 large floating platforms made of entirely recycled or eco friendly materials.  The platforms are connected to each other with planks of wood and/or metal where they maintain their solar home and floating farm.

Check out the photo gallery below:

in the cove

The couple and their two children live off the grid, collecting rainwater for drinking in the winter months and freshwater from a local waterfall in the summer. Electricity comes from solar panels on the roof, while much of their fruit and vegetables come from the greenhouses and planters that dot the utopian island.


Would you be willing to spend 20 years building this?



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