off-grid living in the city – Dangerous?

The city of Huntsville believes so!

Tyler Truitt has property that certainly doesn’t look like it is in the city.  He has created his own off-grid lifestyle on that property.

But the city believes that being off grid is dangerous and they are willing to charge him with trespassing on his own property if he does not comply with their rules, including the fact that according to the city a stand-alone trailer home is a safety hazard….. UNLESS… it is in a trailer park.  REALLY?  Do you agree?

How much land do you think you have to own in order to live off grid?


27-year-old Tyler Truitt, a military veteran, is being taken to court by the City of Huntsville, Alabama, for his ‘off-the-grid’ lifestyle on his own property. Truitt and his girlfriend, Soraya Hamar, live on their two acre land within city limits and use solar panels for heat and electricity, rainwater for drinking and bathing and composting for sewage. That’s the bone of contention. Officials have warned him that if he doesn’t vacate the premises, and if he doesn’t get hooked up to city water and power, he could be arrested.

“They came and they condemned our house and told us if we stayed here we’d be arrested for trespassing on our own property, and the reason why is, they said, it was unsafe living conditions because we don’t have city utilities hooked up. 

“Apparently he has chosen to live an alternative lifestyle and that’s great, people can choose to live different ways but if you live in the city of Huntsville you do have to abide by our laws and ordinance.” said Kelly Schrimsher, Communications Director for the Huntsville Mayor’s Office.

The city asserts Truitt’s property must be connected to the city’s treatment facility for the safety of Truitt and his neighbors. “It’s there for property protection. Adjoining property owners like protection and some homeowners might consider a trailer a nuisance,” added Jim McGuffey, Director of Planning.

The City has filed a lawsuit against Truitt and Hamar, calling their self-sufficient lifestyle ‘unsafe.’ Truitt’s next court date is set for July 29th of this year.

They could come out here today if they wanted to and take us to jail for trespassing if that’s what they want to call it and, you know, that’d be fine with me. I’ll still come back the next day and the next day and the next day because it’s my home and because I live here. Where else am I supposed to go really?” said Truitt.

Here is a video interview of Truitt:

Source: AnonHQ