Off Grid tiny solar home for 2-16

Live almost anywhere off grid in this tiny home!

Quite often off grid living starts with just a piece of land.  Then the idea of building an off grid home can become overwhelming  What if you could order it prefabricated one pod at a time?

Have you seen the POD by Idlala?  It can be ordered and configured as you grow or customized with everything you need from the start.  It is really pretty amazing and the roof is perfect for solar power.  They even advertise that they can configure their pods for off grid living.

POD-Idladla-3If you have a piece of land and need to start small but want a home not a tent to work from, the first pod would be a great starter with room to immediately accommodate two people with all the necessities.  The upstairs “mezzanine” loft is set up for the bedroom while the downstairs area can be an office, laundry room or even house an occasional guest.  In the corridor between the front and back areas you find a shower and the pod opens up to an outdoor deck for added living space.

If you have a family to consider, these pods can be customized with layouts that will accomodate up to 16 people with just four pods.

Take a look at the photos and layouts.  Would you want to start your off grid home this way?

POD-Idladla-11Each is prefabricated off-site, to specific client specification, allowing one to start simply with a shell or to go for a full-on kitted out interior.

The minimal and charming mobile pod ships flat-pack and assembles onsite in a snap.

pod-looking in

Each mobile pod accommodates two people (with space for the occasional visitor) but can be expanded with additional pods to make multi-unit configurations to house up to 12 people.

The design goal behind POD-Idlala was to make an attractive eco-friendly home that promoted simpler living and was affordable enough to appeal to young adults.

The energy-efficient POD-Idlala is topped with a pitched roof that maximizes solar potential with room for solar panepod interiorls.


The white and mint green-painted facade reflects the harsh sun to keep the interior cool, while the multiple openings and operable concertina doors promote natural ventilation.

The kitchen, office, bathroom, and dining/living area are located on the first floor, while the bed is placed in the loft.POD-Idladla-7

More information with configurations and pdfs are available at

Images via POD-Idlala