Are You Attending? Prepper World Summit – No Charge

Free To Attend Online

Our community’s interest in being able to survive off-grid provides for somewhat of an overlap with the “survivalist” community – which will soon be holding a MAJOR event.

The “Prepper World Summit” will be taking place from January 16th to 20th.  That’s right, it’s a 5 DAY EVENT.

“Join 16 of the world’s leading prepping and survival experts in this free online event as they show you how to take your preparedness to the next level and prepare for virtually any threat.”

Prepper World Summit

The training will involve military survival training, medical survival training, homestead security, wilderness survival training and tactics, land navigation, urban survival training, food and water storage training, training specifically dedicated to those living off-grid, and much, MUCH more.

This…seems like it will contain an absolutely insane amount of content.  It may be quite difficult to fit it into your schedule.  Or perhaps you can set your computer to record the parts you’re most interested in.

Check out their description of the event below the break.

Do you want your family to be safe during and after the next disaster?

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, rogue governments, economic collapse, medical emergencies, martial law, home invasions, no matter what the emergency is, natural or man made, long term or short, they can all strike with deadly force, at any time, anywhere, without warning.
Our hand-picked team of 16 world-class prepping & survival experts will reveal how you can avoid common prepping mistakes, take your preparedness to the next level and create a survival plan that WORKS for you and your family.

Source: Prepper World Summit

Follow the link to find the full list of presentations that will occur and trainings that will be given!


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