Start a Fire With Water???

Isn’t Water Used to stop a fire – not start one?

In reality this shows how absolutely EASY it is for fires to start.  And yes, water is a required component for each of these examples.

Can be a little scary if you think about it.  But the point is that with water as a medium and some things that most people have accessible, you can get a fire started pretty easily.  And if you watch the video, you might think about keeping some simple supplies readily available off-grid or even for a camping trip.

Disclaimer:  The last example one uses a chemical that you probably do NOT have readily on hand (and probably shouldn’t).

Watch to see how to start a fire with water and:

– old light bulb
– plastic wrap
– a picture frame
– Ia water bottle
– a chemical reaction

Simple resources can be utilized to help meet our basic survival needs. Water is about as basic and abundant as it gets combined with “Solar Power”.