Still legal to Catch Rain?

Does your area allow you to capture the rain off of your roof?

More and more communities are outlawing this practice of using the very water that pour onto our property.  No, they want to control the distribution of water.  (Sound familiar?)

If you currently are allowed to catch the rain off of your roof, you may want to consider installing a rainwater catchment system like that below BEFORE it is outlawed.  In most cases if you get it done before they write the laws you will be grandfathered in and you will have protected your access to rainwater.

Below is a DIY Off The Grid Rainwater Catchment System with photos and instructions.  This system has proven to work 9-10 months of the year.  It even is used to capture snow melt.  Check it out and you may want to make plans if it is not already illegal.

Early on in the process of building our tiny home, we needed to create systems for catching and using water.  We purchased these 50 gallon, food grade barrels for $10 apiece from the local Pepsi distributor, hooked them up to the gutter of our metal-roofed home, and proceeded to catch rainwater for drinking, cooking, and dishwashing.  We use a Berkey filter to make the rainwater potable.

This system worked really well, at least until we had an almost two month drought in July and August.  Knowing that freezing temperatures and exposed outdoor plumbing do not mix, we decided to bury our water storage underground to insulate the barrels with the heat of the earth.

Empty barrels were then placed on their sides into the hole.  Brian cut a hole into the top of one of the barrels for the downspout, another hole to extract the water with a pump, and linked the three barrels with a bit of black flexible pvc pipe.

We ended up buying this antique-style, made in China pump from Lehman’s, and it works beautifully.  With just a few pumps, the water flows easily into our stainless steel bucket, and when we’re done pumping, the excess flows back into the barrels, thus preventing any frozen or exploded pipes.

by Teri Page / via HomesteadHoney



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