Survival Smarts Needed to Be Off Grid

How well could you or your family survive if you got lost?

How far off grid have you taken your family to live?  or just to camp?

Have you thought about the skills you might want to teach and/or learn in order to survive if you got separated and had spend the night in the wild?  What kind of skills are needed in your region?

You may have heard about Malachi Bradley. He is the 10-year-old who was camping with his family when he went out looking for mushrooms and got lost.  It really isn’t hard to do.  To lose yourself in your surroundings.  What is amazing about this boy is how he did not panic but remembered what his dad taught him.

You might want to ask yourself and your kids what they would do if they found themselves lost like Malachi.  Here is what he did to protect himself.  Location – remote mountains near Paul Lake 200 miles east of Salt Lake City not far from Wyoming.  Lost and night is coming on…

Utah-mountain-rangeThe boy relied on survival smarts he learned from his father. As the temperatures dropped into the 30s, he used large rocks for shelter, wrapping a T-shirt around his legs and staying huddled inside his jacket to stay warm.

He also used the jacket to filter water to drink.

“I thought if I was in an open space, maybe the helicopters would find me,” Bradley said. “I sat there most of the day, waving at helicopters.”

The search crews found Bradley Monday, and after a ride on a rescue chopper, his 28-hour ordeal was finally over.

“I didn’t have anything bad happen to me other than tripping, getting a few cuts,” Bradley said.



What do you consider the key skills to have when living off grid?