Tall Person, Tiny House

Designing For 6’4″ and 275 Lbs

When Joel Fleck moved home to after college, he wanted his own place, but he didn’t want to pay the$1,000/month on rent for Sonoma County apartments, so he decided to build his own tiny home on a trailer. Inspired by wee house pioneer Jay Shafer (also from Sebastopol), Fleck bought an abandoned trailer from a neighbor for $300 and began building without plans.

Of course, being taller and larger than the average person, he had to make plans for that eventually.  He built it from scratch, and it wound up being the “Heaviest Tiny House on wheels that [he] knows of.”  And yet, he has successfully test-driven his house, to prove that he can move it when he wants to.

According to him, it’s essentially a “glorified college dorm.”  “Essentially a little bit bigger dorm room, and I don’t share it with someone.”

Lots to see in the video, including the little shower from Craigslist.  Watch it below!


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