Truly Amazing Sight – The World’s Largest “Green Roof”

So beautiful.  Not Technically On The Ground.  Not Yet Complete.

There is currently a massive undertaking in California to create the world’s largest “Green Roof.”  The project aims to renovate a struggling shopping mall into a beautiful and healthy community center.

This plan isn’t lacking in audacity.  As one can see in the pictures and in the plans, this roof is so large that it (of necessity) goes over working roads and streets.

To the best of our abilities to check the facts, this will break world records by a wide margin. If completed, this roof will be over twice as big as any green roof currently in existence.

The possibilities here look absolutely beautiful, and it’s kind of mind-blowing to think of all of this happening on a roof.  Check out the video and read the article below!

Developers Sand Hill Property Company recently acquired an enviable chunk of Silicon Valley real estate in the form of Cupertino’s Vallco Shopping Mall. The firm has big plans for the 50 acre (20 hectare) site, and in a US$3 billion development project, aims to turn it into a sustainable mixed-use town center that boasts the world’s largest green roof.

Open to all Cupertino residents, the expansive green space would include vineyards, orchards, gardens, an amphitheater, and children’s play areas. The current proposal for the Hills at Vallco involves turning the mall into a town center boasting a huge green roof Developers Sand Hill Property recently acquired an enviable chunk of Cupertino real estate in the form of the Vallco Shopping Mall, and it has big plans for the site.

green roof 2
Still in the planning stage and thus subject to change, the Hills at Vallco project involves Rafael Viñoly Architects and OLIN Landscape Architects. Located near the new Apple Campus, the existing mall would be radically overhauled to include retail spaces, some 2 million sq ft (185,806 sq m) of office space, and 800 apartments. The real headline-grabber, however, is undoubtedly its green roof.

The green roof is being promoted by those involved as the world’s largest and is expected to cost $300 million. Measuring 30 acres (12.1 hectares), it would cover both large swathes of street level and the rooftops of the new buildings.

green roof 3

The expansive green space would be open to the public and include vineyards, orchards, gardens, an amphitheater, and children’s play areas. It would also boast a 3.8 mile (6.1 km) jogging and walking trail. The current proposal calls for existing entertainment facilities including AMC Theaters, bowling, and ice skating to be retained.


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