Turn Salt Water into Fresh Drinking Water – Sunlight Required

This may benefit more than developing countries.

A very inexpensive ceramic solar-powered still could offer the answer to having drinking water from the sea.

Water is the most important commodity to any habitat for human life whether off-grid or 3rd world and this simple solar-powered still could offer the solution for many who do not live with city utilities.

This could be used by anyone who does not have fresh water near and is built to be carried.  Can you see benefits for having one of these in your off-grid supplies?

The solar still turns salt water into fresh water and can be built for under $50 U.S. dollars.

Designer Gabriele Diamanti has created a simple, yet effective, solution.

The Eliodomestico is basically a personal desalination still, which operates similar to an “upside down coffee percolator.” The device is an open-source design, noted for its remarkable simplicity to build and use, as specifically intended by Diamanti when creating the solar still.  (bolding added)

The device consists of two ceramic pieces that sit on top of one another.  The sun heats the container of water, turning the water into steam. The pressure then builds until the steam is forced into a tube and is deposited into a container, where the water then cools, condenses and collects in the basin.


The solar still has the ability to collect about five liters of water a day and costs less than $50 to build. This simple, yet effective, lifesaving device has the potential to permanently change the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Source: worldtruth.tv