U.S. Chicken – Processed in China?

Home-Grown does not mean Home-Processed.  Not anymore!

The USDA has decided it is perfectly fine to take chickens from the U.S., ship them to China for “processing” and then ship the meat back to the U.S. and label it as being from the U.S.  They will not give any label or indication of the types of processing that have been applied nor the fact that the processing does not have any type of USDA inspection along the way.

Does this make any sense?  Does this get you mad enough to raise your own chickens?  Or at least buy direct from a local farmer?

People ask me why I believe in being Off Grid and able to provide for myself and my family.  I just point to the latest out of any government department that is charged with “protecting” us and say… “Well, how well are they protecting your family?”

What ever happened to truth in labeling and why have such stringent requirements in the U.S. if you are just going to promote processing somewhere else?

Have you guessed why this is going through?  Would you believe the beef industry is supporting it? Read more below.



Meanwhile, I’ll take my own local-grown chicken, thank you.

Scores of Americans are in an uproar since Food Safety News revealed the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will soon allow U.S. chickens to be sent to China for processing before being shipped back to the states for human consumption.

Also, American consumers won’t know which brands of chicken are processed in China because there’s no requirement to label it as such.

To ease concerns, lobbyists and chicken industry proponents argue no U.S. company will ever ship chicken to China for processing because it wouldn’t work economically.

Yet, a similar process is already being used for U.S. seafood.

According to the Seattle Times, domestically caught Pacific salmon and Dungeness crab are being processed in China and shipped back to the U.S. because of significant cost savings.

China’s food safety system, which is said to be decades behind America’s, is highly questionable given some of the more recent food safety scandals that have surfaced in the country:

Chickens to be processed

If you want to do more than just read about this, there is a petition available to put pressure on our legislators.  You can find the petition by clicking here.
Source: EatLocalGrown.com

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GettyImage:  Newsweek.com