Unbelievable Sounds And Music From Natural Ice Formations!

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen used as an instrument?  People sometimes create weird devices and instruments that make interesting sounds, but this time, the creator was none other than Mother Nature herself!

Odds are that at some point growing up you’ve participated in a sort of impromptu percussion session with random objects, perhaps with your classmates in school, or other friends.

That probably won’t prepare you, though, for the music that the BAIKAL musical group is able to create with the very unique sounds of this lake of ice!  Read below the break for more details!


When the music lives within it doesn’t matter what you use for an instrument, beautiful music will always come out. In this case its a group of Siberian percussionists ice drumming on a frozen Lake in Siberia called Baikal and they have become an internet hit with their impromptu interpretations.

In minus 20C, they found by pure chance that the one metre thick ice has a distinctive and haunting rhythm all of its own.

‘I felt like we were playing on the drums that Nature has left out for us, alone under the sun on the frozen waters of the world’s most magnificent lake,’ said Irkutsk architect Natalya Vlasevskaya, 31, a mother-of-one and organiser of Etnobit percussion group.

The 25 million year old lake, which freezes in winter, is the deepest and oldest in the world.

The group use the frozen waves of the lake to make an unusual, evocative melody – but they realised the musical potential of Baikal only after the wife of one of their drummer’s fell over walking on the ice.

Source: Off Grid Quest

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