VIDEO: Astonishing Electric Sled Must Be Seen In Action!

Still Pictures Don’t Do It Justice – See It’s Speed For Yourself!

Though it has an overall simple design concept, this sled works AMAZINGLY well, as anyone who has seen it move through snow can tell you.  That being said, it doesn’t NEED snow – it works perfectly on grassland and other roads, too!


Looking like a mix between a snowmobile, a dog sled and a miniature World War I tank, Yvon Martel’s electric creation is nothing if not versatile. Known as the MTT-136, this French Canadian all-terrain, all-electric pulling device is one of those enigmatic all-purpose machines whose appeal extends well beyond the Off-Grid demographic.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.46.28 PM


The video had us CONSTANTLY impressed here at Off Grid Insights.  Watch it cut paths through snow like a hot knife through butter!  Watch it move a vehicle!  Watch it haul wood!  Watch it go under low-hanging obstacles!  Watch it get packed in the back of a car!  Watch it go backwards!  Watch it go up stairs!  Watch it do all this, and other amazing things, in the video below!

Source: Off Grid Quest

Follow the link to find more information about this amazing sled!


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