VIDEO: Poor and With No Credit – You Can Still Buy Land!

Formula For Acquiring A Homestead

Buying land…can actually be very difficult.  There are negotiations, large downpayments, credit checks, legal pitfalls, and other things that can go wrong as you try – and you could be paying for those mistakes for a long, long time.

So, considering all of the requirements for buying land or a home, what if you don’t have good credit or a large sum of money to start off with?  Are you simply hopeless?

Not according to Becky!  In this video, she explains the step-by-step the process she used to find and acquire her property…in fact, she’s done this twice!  She’s currently living mortgage free on her own homestead.

Now, you WILL obviously have to provide money at some point in the form of monthly payments, but if you don’t have a big lump sum to start with and/or don’t want to go through a bank loan, Becky will walk you through how to legally buy land anyways, while avoiding being scammed by an “old-fashioned hand-shake” agreement.

We found her advice very helpful, and the video format helps keep the attention as she goes through the details.  Watch below!


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