Work In An Off-Grid Wilderness Lodge, Free Room And Board, Plus Get Paid!?

Check out Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge in Alaska !

Great off grid summer opportunity for college student?

The 2015 season was May 30-September 3.  Located on Fox Island, there are no roads and the only access to their lodge is by tour boat.  If you want t look it up on a map, it is about 12 nautical miles from the town of Seward.  (Which means it takes 45 minutes to get there once you get to Seward (which is an adventure of its own!)

This is a true wilderness location.  It offers an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.  Their entire facility runs on solar and a propane generator.  Their entire staff is taught on how to help conserve energy and resources.

Does this sound like a perfect summer job for your college student?  Not much distraction as this is a truly remote area.  Typical activities include kayaks, hiking, reading, and studying nature.  They have the standard resort positions that need to be filled each summer season.  Check it out below:offgridKayaks

Blue-green waters teeming with wildlife, kayak excursions, wild Alaska salmon and remote wilderness cabins. There is no better way to experience this magnificent region than in the peaceful seclusion of the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge on Fox Island. Our cozy cabins are cradled on the picturesque shore of Fox Island’s Halibut Cove. We welcome the elite students and summer staff to our private island to provide excellent service to our guests.

The island houses two State Marine Parks and measures three square miles. CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation owns the portion of the island occupied by the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge and Day Lodge facilities, the rest of the island is uninhabited.

offgridcabinCommonly open positions:

Island Chefs/Cooks
Island Maintenance
Guest Services / Room Attendant / Guest activities / Servers
Customer Service Agent / Dishwasher / Gift Shop



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