Working off-grid but living on?

Travel to National Park to Spend the Day at Work?

Turning the off-grid living idea on its head, the Kantoor Karavan takes work to off-grid locations.  The goal is to help city dwellers regain some of the creativity that comes by being closer to nature.

People can live in the city and rent a work mobile office complete with WiFi, solar power and even a solar coffee maker.

When it is time to take a coffee break they can step outside to enjoy pure nature instead of city streets.   It takes off-grid to a whole new perspective.  Check it out!

Kantoor Karavaan is a workplace alternative of mobile micro-offices situated in the middle of nature.


“The idea of feeling connected to nature but also at the same time being connected to the world is highly appealing to many people,” [Dutch social entrepreneur Tom] Van de Beek (tells PSFK.) “People are part of nature, we were designed to be part of it. At the same time we live in time in which connectivity is key.”

The caravans—will be traveling to different national parks across The Netherlands—provide the basic amenities needed for work.

There are also compost toilets and solar-powered kitchens on-site. Users can rent the caravan for a few hours, the day or even camp on the grounds and enjoy multiple days in the natural surroundings.

“Currently it’s not even possible for most people to live off-grid, but exchanging your city surroundings for one of our mobile micro-offices can provide the necessary inspiration or creativity to make your city life even better.”


Kantoor Karavaan